I just received my Crisis Chaplaincy Credentials after completing the course when I was on a street corner and watched a guy get hit by a car and die right in front of me. Thank God I knew what to do in this situation with everyone at the scene. From calling 911, helping the crying wife of the guy that was dying in the road, and the young 21-year-old and his wife that hit him. It is so important to know what to do in crisis situation’s. It can mean the real life and death of a person eternally.

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Dr. Michael K. Haynes an author but more than that he is a point man. A man who goes into, out in front of and there, in a unique way. A man who has discovered a plot of the enemy against our youth and against our nation and against our people.

Happy Face

Dave Roever - Dave Roever Ministries/TV Interview Speaker & Talk Show Host

I wish to say that from my point of view as a profession therapist for years and years the work that Michael Haynes is doing is truly a great gift to the healing community. Join him in this good and life-giving work.

Ken Medema

Ken Medema

Dr. Michael Haynes is a PhD and he understands what is happening in crisis and works hand in hand with the law enforcement agencies and is involved in a lot of investigations having to do with crisis.

James Robison

James Robison - James Robison Ministries/Restoration Interview

Dr. Michael Haynes has been a personal friend for over 40 years. He not only found the cross at ground zero along with an iron worker but gave up over a year of his life to be on the scene every single day counseling the hurting people of New York City.

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee - Former Gov. of Arkansas, Huckabee Now Show Interview

In this world of uncharted crisis’s, now more than ever, God’s people, the Church, need to be equipped to meet needs outside the scope of postmodern norms. Enter Dr. Michael Haynes, more than a seasoned Pastor and sage teacher; View all Dr. Haynes served the loved ones of countless unsung heroes and their community face to face, heart to heart after the unprecedented devastation of 911 in New York City, NY. Prepare to launch into what may prove to be some of the most valuable information you’ve received since reading the Bible. Looking to the future, now is the best time to prepare for potential crises and opportunities. You can never be over prepared for the worst. View less

Jon Cordeiro

Jon Cordeiro - Founder and Director, New Name Ministries - Fort Worth, TX Associate Director, School of Kingdom Equipping- Open Door Church Burleson, TX

Every minister wants to make a difference through their ministry. Often, the seminary training fails to really give the skills necessary to handle the crises ministers face. While a good theological education is valuable, View all I have found meeting the real problems in a real world involve a different set of skills. Drug problems, marriage issues, sexual issues, anger management and depression are just a few of those problems. Crisis Chaplaincy training is training for the real world. Dr. Haynes has provided this training to men and women across America. His personal experience and theological background provide a solid training experience for any minister wanting to address the life needs in their congregation. I highly recommend this comprehensive training. View less

Van N. Houser

Van N. Houser - Senior Pastor, North Side Baptist Church, Weatherford, TX

It is my honor to recommend to you Dr. Michael K. Haynes, a man who has been my pastor, my prayer partner and a travel partner in the ministry, and whose teaching laid the foundation for my evangelistic ministry that has spanned 47 years and is still active today. If Mike puts his name on it, God is in it.

Don D.

Don D. - Thornton Ministries, Staff Evangelist, First Baptist Church, Fairfield, TX

This is the Grand Father of Crisis Theology with his hands on training and Distant Learning curriculum that there is none comparable anywhere in the World

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson

My wife Ann and I have known Dr. Haynes for a number of years. He helped our son overcome an extremely serious drug addiction. We have personally taken several of his highly successful courses and have taught many in our drug treatment center called the Meadow House. View all We particularly found the Crisis Chaplaincy Care course to be something that every church should use to train their members for real ministry. View less

Bob and Ann Wilson

Bob and Ann Wilson - Director, Meadows House Treatment Center

In the 18 years of my prison ministry, I have never seen a better program to prepare individuals to minister to others with sound, gospel-based truths.

Baxter Castro Coffee

Baxter Castro Coffee - Author of the Flash Point Process, 5k Steps to Peace & Fulfillment

Dr. Michael K. Haynes has been a part of our church since he has been in Steamboat Springs. I have learned to value and appreciate his heart for God and for people, especially people who are hurting. View all I am also very acquainted with his writing ministry and reading his books has been a true blessing for me. The course, Crisis Chaplaincy Care, is a much needed tool to teach people how to help those who are hurting because of a traumatic event. This exceptional course is going online to educate the church about how to step up and appropriately bring the component of spirituality into crisis intervention. View less

Troy Lewis

Troy Lewis - Senior Pastor Steamboat Christian Center Steamboat Springs, CO

I met Dr. Haynes several years ago when he brought his new pet angel to my veterinary clinic. We grew to be great friends and I became familiar with his unique school, the Faith Based Counselor Training Institute. I was truly impressed with the Crisis Chaplaincy course because I knew there was tools in it I could use in my life and practice.

Gary Gosney

Gary Gosney - Owner & Founder of Temple Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Michael K. Haynes and I go back many, many years. We have served together in revivals, youth camps and Bible conferences. We also wrote the bestselling musical Priority. View all He wrote the words and I wrote the music, Through this relationship, I found him to be very gifted in understanding Biblical principles and how to teach and share them. To me this is the hub of his Faith Based Counselor Training Institute ministry. So, without reserve, I recommend Crisis Chaplaincy Care to those who have a desire to help lead people in discovering the life changing power of the Word of God in dealing with crisis situations. View less

Gary Lanier

Gary Lanier - Founder of The Lanier Company and The Grace Place

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