God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.

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Our program is for you when your passion is to further the Kingdom of God and advance the gospel into all corners of the earth by sharing one of the greatest school's of our time for doing this very thing. All glory to our King Jesus. Dr. Michael K. Haynes, Founder & President of FBCTI has been planting seeds and harvesting for over 55 years like never before. Come along side of us and be a part of FBCTI Affiliate Program as we offer you our platform to help advance your vision for your ministry God has given you and the Kingdom at hand.

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What is an affiliate?

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What does it take to become an affiliate?


Brother Gerald M. Wilson, Chaplain at RESTORE Them ALL Ministries

Our featured affiliate Gerald M. Wilson is a 2015 graduate of our FBCTI Certified Crisis Chaplain Course. Brother Gerald’s as he prefers to be called, Christian ministry career spans over 20 years. He has served to advance the Kingdom of God in many formal positions, from Chapel Service Overseer to Church Ministry Intern to Praise and Worshiper Leader, and Highway to Hedges neighborhood Evangelism. Prior to relocating from Arizona to Texas in 2013 he successfully Pastored, developed and lead various Community Outreach Ministry programs for many years, serving and advocating for the Homeless, Substance Abusers and Mental/Behavioral Health service populations.

We each have a broad spectrum of people in our own communities and circles. We have church connections, school connections, usually first responder connections and trust us these people are always looking for ways to not only help fund their ministries by learning their trade and advancing their knowledge of how to help the hurting but to get credentialed and know just how to make a difference.


How does vision relate to your perspective of life. We all live in a time space continuum. In other words, we will be a day older when we wake up in the morning. We are locked into time and the only way to move forward is to have a vision to which we are headed. Otherwise, we will be locked into time and live life backward in memory. We must have a place where we are headed. There is nothing harmful about memory, especially if they are good memories. You can learn from them, but you cannot live there. Time marches on and memories are left behind. We at FBCTI would like for you to join our Affiliate Program and look forward to building a future for yourself and those who join with you to help hurting people. We at FBCTI will help you build a ministry you will personally own and manage.


As an affiliate, you are given the opportunity to supplement your own ministry and calling as well as advancing the Kingdom. Our affiliate's goals have been about FREEDOM. To not only be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, schedule your own hours, and plan your own days but to truly have the material at your finger tips to direct people to the website and be able to sign up for courses they desire and you get paid on. In turn this commissions more care givers to your community and throughout the world.


skills & requirements

If God has called you to minister to specific people, He has placed a desire for you to be equipped to perform that specific ministry. The FBCTI Affiliate program enrolls students for specific training to help people in the Crisis Intervention field as well as the counseling techniques for therapist to help people struggling with trauma. We offer training for unique Faith Based treatment principles, The ETI principles taught in higher education do not seem to work as well as the life changing FBCTI training techniques. To become an Affiliate, you would need to have taken FBCTI COURSES & GRADUATED. You will need to have a full knowledge of FBCTI for the purposes of recruiting and it's complete mission to be able to present the course to those looking to expand their own ministry, knowledge and calling in the field of caregiving.

Join the affiliate program today click here, send us an email with your name, the course you took, and the date you graduated and we will send you an application.