Just to name a few of people and ministers who have personally completed the Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc.-Crisis Chaplaincy Care courses: 

✔️ Former Emmett Soloman, Director, Restorative Justice Network of America, Huntsville, TX

✔️ Bishop Jimmy Smith, Boys Club of America, Kenosha, WI

✔️ The InnerChange Freedom Initiative Staff, Houston, Richmond, TX

✔️ Don Yancy, Director, Department of Corrections of Arkansas. Arkansas Dept. of Correction Chaplains

✔️ Jim Daniels, Director, The Face of Anger, Bexar County Jail Ministry, San Antonio, TX

✔️ Bishop David Hartman, Ground Zero Site Manager-Mayor Giuliani, New York City, NY

✔️ Former Joe Williams, FBI Chaplain, Oklahoma City, OK

✔️ Dr. Dennis Brooks, Institute for Speaking God's Word, Rockdale, TX

✔️ Joey Gentempo, Program Director, InnerChange Freedom Initiative, Houston, TX 

✔️ Roger Partain, Former Ex. VP, Prison Fellowship, Houston, TX

✔️ Gene Self, Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL

Just to name a few churches who have hosted The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc. courses:

✔️ Bellview Baptist Church, Memphis, TN, Former Adrian Rogers, Pastor

✔️ First Baptist Church, Euless, TX, Jimmy Draper, Pastor

✔️ First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, Oklahoma, Bailey Smith, Pastor

✔️ First Baptist Church, New York City, NY,

✔️ First Baptist Church, Paris, TX, James Semple, Former Pastor

✔️ First Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, John Bisagno, Former Pastor

✔️ First Baptist Church, Texarkana, AR, Mike Huckabee, Former Pastor

✔️ Faith Baptist Church, Saskatoon, Canada, Henry Blackaby, Former Pastor

✔️ First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, W.A. Criswell, Former Pastor

Just to name a few places of service:

✔️ On the Board of Trustees for Dallas Baptist University

✔️ As Interim President Dallas Bible College

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